What weekend or travel bag should you choose to get away with Baby?

To simplify your baby's outings, Jacadi offers you some well thought out accessories and a specially designed wardrobe to venture out with the family in calm style. What should you pack in Baby’s bag for a night or a week away? Here are our tips for choosing the right size bag. Don’t forget anything and, most importantly, enjoy!

What should you pack in Baby’s weekend bag?

Before packing your child's bag, start by choosing the most suitable bagtype.

In summer, if your trip does not exceed 24 hours, a simple diaper bag will suffice. On the other hand, in winter, with sweaters, sleeping bags or thicker pyjamas, it is better to use a more generous travel bag. Jacadi has carefully considered the functionality of its entire travel line.

Choose your bag according to your needs: practicality of the format, elastic compartments, small or large zipped pockets, the more features on your bag, the better you can organize.

On vacation with Baby, I pack...

Suitable outfits for the season. Be aware of temperature changes that may fluctuate, especially as seasons change.

Pack bodysuits, long-sleeved shirts, cashmere sweaters, cardigans, corduroy pants, and thick pyjamas in their travel bag.

Their wardrobe should be similar as seasons change. Keep in mind that your infant is still struggling to regulate their own temperature: always keep an eye on them to see if they are too hot or too cold.

In summer, when temperatures rise, opt for very light clothing, such as light cotton blouses, bloomers, or cotton trousers. In winter, think heavier garments: your little one does not move much so they can quickly catch cold. Finally, don't forget practical little accessories like hats and soft socks.

When travelling with your baby, remember to bring a bag or vanity kit with all their personal care necessities. Jacadi offers a range of body care products that are particularly respectful of baby’s and mother’s skin.

A night or a week: the essentials

The travel changing bag is also the place where you can pack all your essential baby gear. What’s inside? Don't forget their favorite stuffed animal and pacifier, if that’s something they’re used to.

But the list of essentials does not end there... Don’t forget burp cloths, which can serve multiple purposes: unroll it to change Baby on, use it as a swaddle or a makeshift bib, or even turn it into a blanket.

One last little tip for the road? Wherever you go, never forget your child's health records.

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