How to choose the right sleeping bag for your baby?

From warm to light sleep bags, we recommend including the right weight in your newborn’s layette so your baby will have a good night’s sleep. Don’t hesitate to follow our practical advice when choosing from our handsome sleeping bags so baby can sleep tight!

Sleeping bags are essential items in your hospital bag.

As you pack your hospital suitcase with clothes for baby’s first days of life, don’t forget to include a sleeping bag.

This must-have, cosy piece has been specially designed for babies. Its adorable “sleeping bag” format keeps them covered up and snug. As a security measure, bedding, duvets, top sheets, and other pillows should not be used on their beds.

Baby girl or baby boy: chic and practical sleeping bags

Infant skin is soft and delicate, and it deserves to be wrapped up with special care. Pieces with impeccable cuts, made from the softest and purest materials are ideal. These are also things to consider when choosing bath and bed linens.

For the baby’s bed--the centerpiece of the baby room--opt for a padded cot bumper (be sure to fasten all the ties) and a poplin cotton fitted sheet in the proper dimensions for their mattress.

Should the sleeping bag go with your baby to nursery school or their nanny? For these situations, choose a sleeping bag with snaps at the shoulders. This safe and comfortable fastener makes dressing baby easier.

Another convenient feature to consider are side openings so you can change their diaper without disturbing them, particularly at night. All that’s left to do is choose your favorite style: Liberty print, sailor, striped, or polka dots. It’s up to you!

Long sleeves or sleeveless? Choose your sleeping bag for winter or summer

Winter sleeping bag? Summer sleeping bag? Girls’ winter sleeping bag? Or boys’ winter sleeping bag?

To ensure your child’s maximum comfort each season, there are two things to consider when choosing their sleeping bag: first, the temperature of their room (ideally between18°C/64°F and 20°C/68°F) and how thick their pyjamas are.

Based on those criteria, select a heavier or lighter sleeping bag for your girl or boy. In terms of materials: opt for cotton from April to September and a more padded material from October to March. If in doubt, always refer to the TOG (heat index): the higher it is, the warmer your newborn will be. Conversely, the lower it is, the less covered up they will be. For instance, opt for a sleeping bag with a 0.5 or 1 TOG rating if the room temperature exceeds 22°C/71°F, TOG 2 as seasons shift, and TOG 3 if the room temperature is cool (between 16°C/60°F and 18°C/64°F).

Sleeping bags wrap your baby safely and give them a sensation of well-being. Like their stuffed animal, it helps Baby relax and fall asleep at home and when traveling. Shh ... let baby rest now ...

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