How should you dress baby to sleep at night?

Which pyjamas or sleepwear should you choose for your little one? Dressing baby at bedtime can be a bit delicate. Here is our practical advice and a selection of pretty clothes they won’t want to take off!

Newborn and baby pyjamas: sized for sweet dreams

Footed pyjamas are a must-have for newborn layettes. Your choice of pyjamas deserves special attention, since your newborn will be wearing them a lot, both day and night.

Baby pyjamas are convenient: they keep you from having to pull on multiple articles of clothing and they stay in place even as Baby moves. The right pyjama materials can help your child sleep better and regulate their temperature.

For little boys or little girls: don’t forget to include several footed pyjamas in their wardrobe: newborn clothing tends to get dirty quickly, providing an opportunity to change them.

Velvet and cotton for girls and boys: all of Jacadi’s baby pyjamas

Pyjamas and sleepwear: your choice will vary based on the season. When temperatures are cool, choose a bodysuit with long sleeves and velvet sleepwear.

In the summer, a short-sleeved bodysuit and cotton sleepwear are perfect. Between seasons, we recommend the combination of a long-sleeved bodysuit and cotton sleepwear.

Choose the thickness of your baby’s sleeping bag based on their room temperature (check the heat index: TOG). Note: two-piece pyjamas can leave the belly exposed and are better suited to babies ages two and up.

Last tip: even in hot weather, an infant should not sleep naked. Their very fragile skin could be damaged through repeated friction with the fitted sheet and their diaper needs to be held in place by an article of clothing, even a light one.

From classics with refined detailing to elaborate, sober, or fun necklines, Jacadi offers a wide range of charming pyjamas and sleepwear with impeccable finishes.

Comfortably wrapped up in delightful sleepwear that’s crafted from noble materials and exquisitely soft, your little one is ready to sleep tight.

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