Cradle, Moses basket, baby cot: how do you decide?

Choosing the right baby sleep space is not just a matter of decoration. It is primarily determined by the age and size of your child, whose strength and energy can also grow in the blink of an eye.

In the first months of Baby’s life, a Moses basket or “cocoon” style cradle are good choices.

Like little nests, Moses baskets and cradles give newborns a real sense of security.

Designed as cocoons, they remind your baby of the nine months they spent cosy and warm. Light and easy to transport,Moses baskets for newborns are made for easy transport while cradles with wheels are limited to excursions to the living room.

When Baby can sit up, they are too big for a Moses basket or cradle.

Starting at six months, but sometimes earlier for some babies, cradles and Moses baskets are no longer the suitable option.

Your baby will have grown in size and gained muscular strength; they can now sit up. Moses baskets and cradles are now dangerous for them and should not be used.

It’s bedtime! Baby’s first “real bed”.

The time has come to put Baby to sleep in their crib (this can also be the sleeping solution from the get go).

The classic crib can be used until baby is 2 or 3 years old. A A grow with baby cribcan be used until age 6 or 8. The bars come off this type of bed and the base can be extended to grow with your baby.

From newborns to healthy younglings, children’s sleeping arrangements should be chosen with care to induce calm and cosy nights and naps.

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