Jacadi a dit …
Jacadi a dit...

Jacadi's New Nursery Collection For Babies Is Designed For Learning, Comfort, And Modern Life.

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Emblematic themes, made with love and care, to wrap baby up in poetry and elegance

  1. White layette
  2. Petite Régate
  3. Petite Cerise
  4. Petit Paris
  5. Petit Zoo
  6. Essentials
  7. Pink Layette
  8. Nautical Layette
White Layette White Layette
White Layette

Delicate embroidery and gorgeous monochrome: when tradition and craftsmanship come together for an enchanting layette.

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Petite Régate Petite Régate
Petite Régate

Bright sky, laughing seagulls, and graphic colors: the seaside style is introduced into our newborn collections.

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Petite Cerise Petite Cerise
Petite Cerise

Sparkling and sweet: an irresistible collection to go with baby girl’s first smiles.

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Petit Paris Petit Paris
Petit Paris

When a unique stroll through the heart of the city gives birth to a chic and naturally iconic collection.

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Petit Zoo Petit Zoo
Petit zoo

When savannah animals get together for a graphic and iconic parade to bring joy to babies.

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essentials essentials

Jacadi's signature line is full of simple, chic, and carefully designed products, perfect for baby's first days!

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pink-layette pink-layette
Pink Layette

Tender, cheerful, mischievous: pink bursts forth on fresh pieces to brighten everyday moments in baby’s life.

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Nautical Layette Nautical Layette
Nautical Layette

Iconic stripes, graphic patterns, and a dragonfly print, all inspired by the sea, accompany babies in their first sweet moments.

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