5 Tips For A Successful First Baby Bath

Baby is coming home. After a few days at the hospital, it’s now up to you to give Baby his/her first bath at home. It’s important to follow some rules of thumb to make this precious moment a happy and calm one. These common sense guidelines are not always obvious!

Should you bathe Baby in the bathtub or the sink?

During the first six months of Baby's life, the sink in your bathroom can work perfectly as a makeshift bathtub.

However, the bath will be much more comfortable for your baby (and for you) if you give it in a small bathtub made for that purpose or in the family bath with a special seat.

Be prepared

Advance preparation is a key to a calm bath. Before anything else, place everything you will need during and after the bath at your fingertips (and where you can see it): soap, toys, towel, bathrobe or bath towel, diaper ,pyjamas. Be sure not to take your eyes off baby during bath time and dressing.

Ideal temperatures for bath water

It’s important to have the right water temperature (37°C/98.6°F) and the proper water level (12 cm/ 4.7 inches maximum), and you should also consider the ambient temperature of your bathroom. During bathing time, it should be between 22°C/71°F and 24°C/75.5°F, in summer and winter.

Gentle Soap

For Baby's delicate skin, use a soap-free hypoallergenic baby care product or an emollient soap bar.

Follow this simple rule for soaping up: go from cleanest to dirtiest (generally Baby’s backside) and be sure to clean all of Baby’s folds. Avoid wetting the face so as not to stress your newborn.

However, be sure to wash their head with care: infants sweat a lot from their heads. Carefully rinse by gently pouring water over their head using your hand to shield their eyes. Finish up with a gentle kiss.

Once you’ve finished bathing Baby, it’s time to dry him/her off.

Keep your baby warm by immediately wrapping them in their bath towel and covering up their head.

They have thin skin, so instead of rubbing, gently pat them down to dry them off. And don’t forget their little folds.

When you put these tips into practice, you’ll have the peace of mind to enjoy all of bath time’s sweet moments. Including Baby’s giggles!

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